ÖBf Business Portfolio

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As Austria’s nature enterprise, Österreichische Bundesforste (ÖBf) maintains every tenth square meter of Austria’s natural landscape. The protection of nature and the environment is an integral part of ÖBf’s everyday activities. We care for, protect and manage the natural resources of the Republic of Austria, including lakes, forest and mountains, based on the principle of sustainability. Around half of all ÖBf land is protected under law. Forests alpine areas and flood plains as well as meadows, lakes and moorland enjoy special protection because of their high ecological value.

As the largest ecosystem manager in the country, Österreichische Bundesforste is responsible for 10% of the country‘s land area including 74 of the larger lakes and 15% of the forests. ÖBf was originally founded in 1925 and reorganised as a stock corporation in 1997. The sole shareholder of ÖBf AG and owner of all ÖBf land is the Republic of Austria. Each year, the company pays a contribution to the Republic‘s budget for the right to manage its lands (usufruct fee and dividend).

The primary business of ÖBf is forestry management. All related activities are conducted in full awareness of the needs of nature and in accordance with the principle of sustainability. This means that timber harvests are limited to the volume of new growth. With production cycles lasting on average longer than 120 years, planning has to take into account future generations. ÖBf supplies sawmills as well as the paper, cardboard and pulp industries and biomass heat and power plants.

Alongside the core business of forestry/timber, the biggest and most important business segment is real estate including leasing, rent and building rights.

As the third business segment, forest-services offered range from forestry consultancy and the management of private forests to ecosystem planning for customers throughout Austria.

Renewable energies are the fourth pillar, where Bundesforste focuses on small-scale hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic projects, thereby making an active contribution to the energy turnaround.